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The Obstetric and Surgical Clinic “Iatros” was established in 1992 in Warsaw. At present since January, 2003 it has been operating in a new, commodious building adapted for handicapped patients in Wojskowa Street 13A.

Our Clinic is located in a peaceful and green part of Warsaw on the left bank of the Vistula River, District of Targówek.

In front of the clinic there is a large parking for our patients and their guests.

Since the beginning of our activity we have been mainly dealing with:

  • orthopedics,
  • gynaecology,
  • one day surgery,
  • urology.

Thousands of operations and labours establish output of our thirty years activity. Our patients eagerly come back to us with their families and recommend us to their friends. Several patients gave birth to their children with us even four times.
The owner of the Clinic, Andrzej Ostaszewski and his team of experienced doctors and nurses co-operating with him for many years invite patients for family labours and other medical services.

We provide:

  • professionalism and competence of experienced doctors,
  • nice, friendly, helpful and cordial atmosphere,
  • comfort and high standard of dwelling (single rooms with bathrooms and delicious home-made food),
  • modern medical equipment.

We invite you to our Clinic where we offer to our patients the following medical services:

  • one day surgery in adults and children in the scope of surgery, gynaecology, urology, orthopaedics,
  • laparoscopy,
  • specialistic consultations, examination, tests and interventions in the scope of urology,
  • postoperative care (after discharge) for 24 hours a day,
  • medical consultations,
  • laboratory tests (including blood analysis) – complete scope.


Below we give approximate prices of some medical procedures offered by us.


  • Laparotomy in gynaecology – 4,800 PLN + stay,
  • Laparoscopy – 4,000 PLN + stay,
  • Hysteroscopy – 2,500 PLN + stay,
  • Blood tests – full range: prices depending on types

One-day Surgery in Adults and Children (Surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, Gynaecology):

  • Hernia Operations (various) –  3,400 PLN + stay,
  • Appendectomy – 4,000 PLN + stay,
  • Cryptorchism, Hydrocele – 3,400 PLN + stay,
  • Phimosis – 2,500 PLN,
  • Foot Operations – cooperation with Poradnia Chorób Stopy,
  • Plastic surgery operations – cooperation with MD W. Jasek, 
  • Diagnostic and Operative Laparoscopy – 4,000  + stay,
  • Varicoceles – 3,400 PLN + stay,
  • Cystoscopy – 800 PLN.

The prices of all the above mentioned interventions include general anaesthesia but not the costs of stay and histological examination.

Stay: one day – 24 hours: 1,000 PLN (separate room, individual nurse care).

All the above mentioned prices concern payments in cash. We accept main cards (Visa and MasterCard)

Prices valid since July 2022

Phone: +48 601 21 45 63 (for 24 hours, 7 days a week)

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